This Freedom-of-Choice website is dedicated to the truthful and factual analysis of how our rights and freedoms are being taken away by various groups such as the anti-smokers, the ACLU, secularists, and others.  Let's work together in getting the truth out and save the freedoms that have made the United States great.

Our Rights are endowed from our Creator only to be taken away by our government.

AntiSmoking Crusade:  Discover the real reasons why they are working to ban smoking everywhere without regard to the rights of individuals and property owners...and without regard to the facts.  Also find out the make up of the people behind the "movement" and what their real agenda is.  (Under Construction)

  1. AntiSmokers & the New Prohibition
  2. Taking Away Our Freedoms & Property Rights
  3. The Truths & Myths About Smoking

Political Correctness (PC):  It is ironic that the media has anointed itself as the political correctness police; they who are protected by the First Amendment are those who are taking our freedom of speech away by changing it and labeling PC offenders as racists, bigots, cruel, or just plain ignorant.  By changing the language are trying to change the way that society thinks (George Orwell's 1984).  It also prevents the honest debate on the issues effecting our society.

Secularism (Anti-Religion):  It is "freedom of religion", not freedom from religion as the ACLU and its secular troops would have you believe.  Find out why and how they are working to destroy the underlying morality of our country. replica watches(Under Construction)

Anti-2nd Amendment Crowd:  Find out what our founding fathers had in mind and how this right which has made our communities safer is gradually being taken away.  (Under Construction)


This Freedom-of-Choice website is an independent think-tank about personal freedoms and does not receive any monies from any organization that has any interest in the smoking debate.

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