Political Correctness

AntiSmokers and the New Prohibition

        One of the most definitive works to expose the truth behind this battle between personal freedom and the antismoker crusade, is the fact based book titled Dissecting Antismokers' Brains by Michael J. McFadden and is available through www.antibrains.com . Unless otherwise referenced, the quotes, statistics, and facts used for this Freedom-of-Choice section are from this work (with permission). So join me in raising the curtain on what is really happening in he battle between the antismokers and individual freedom.

Who are the Antismokers?
The antismokers are small group of nonsmokers who have developed a voice and influence way out of proportion to their numbers. They portray themselves as representing society at large but nothing could be further from the truth.  There are various types of people who get involved with the antismoking crusade who buy into the propaganda and lies either out of ignorance (believe what they are told) or greed (power or money).  They can be classified into the following nine groups:

The Controllers:  These are the pathetic "little" people who are insecure and otherwise insignificant, who try to make themselves feel important by controlling others.  Examples include the person who demands that someone stop smoking even though they are outdoors, or the person who heads up a city-wide smoking ban.  These people are basically bullies.
The Greedy:  These are the lawyers, politicians, antismoking organization executives, lobbyists, and others who are in it for the money/power.
The Ex-Smokers:  not all ex-smokers become antismokers but there is a small percentage who sublimate their loss/denial of pleasure into antismoking fervor.
The Neurotics:  those who replica watcheshave an irrational fear about smoking. Some of these people will verbally and sometimes physically assault a smoker.  One Internet activist even outlined the  method for injecting anthrax into cigarette packs (alt.current-events.wtc-explosion, 10/21/01). The antismoking campaigns only feed the fears of these people.
The Innocents:  those who due to the mass media campaigns have come to believe that smoking has or will endanger themselves and those around them.
The Bereaved:  those who have lost someone often ask "Why?" and try to find a reason.  Cigarettes are an easy scapegoat.  These people turn their grief into antismoking anger/revenge.
The Truly Affected:  there is a small percentage of people who for medical reasons should avoid close contact with cigarette smoke (less than a couple %), most just don't like the smell.
The Idealists:  this is a small subgroup of antismokers. Unfortunately, they don't have the will, desire, or time to research what the truth is.
The Moralists: They believe that smoking is just wrong.  They can be found in any of the other categories...except of course the Greedy.

        Most of the AntiSmoking crusaders desire to make society in their image.  Smoking is but the tip of the iceberg.  These groups also want to get rid of everything they deem as being "bad for you" from guns and SUVs to fast-food.  They have already gotten the media to change the language so that hating these things is acceptable (see Political Correctness).  For instance, a criminal doesn't kill someone, the gun does.  Or an SUV kills someone, not the driver.  When was the last time you heard of a Volvo or Escort killing someone, even though they are also involved in fatal accidents...no it's only those evil SUVs that kill people, like no one in other types of vehicles ever kill anyone.  Even the "Smoke-Nazis" are now called "Clean-Air Advocates" by the media.  Changing the language is a way to change people's thought patterns (George Orwell's 1984 in action).
        Smoking is an easy target.  Most of us don't like cigarettes and therefore we don't care too much about smoking bans.  But these bans take away our freedoms.  Just because we don't use a particular freedom doesn't mean that we should allow it to be taken away.  It first started with the government banning smoking in public buildings and ostracizing smokers to small portions of private property such as restaurants.  Then private property owners such as restaurants were required to install new ventilation systems so that smoke could not creep into the nonsmoking section of such places.  Now cities large and small, from Chicago to Oshkosh, are trying to institute total bans the likes of New York City.
        Even cigar bars, whose only business is selling and smoking cigars, can't allow smoking in their own establishments in California.  Also there aren't any outdoor stadiums that still allow smoking.  Now golf courses are one of the few remaining bastions where someone can enjoy a fine cigar.
        To make matters worse there is discrimination among those places that allow smoking.  This makes no sense but you can smoke a ten cent cigarette but not a fifty dollar cigar.  Cigars are like a fine wine with art and talent involved in the creation of each, while a cigarette is mass produced by chemists and machines.  The aroma from a cigar enhances the environment while a cigarette more often than not diminish it.  So why some places that allow smoking (that aren't yet banned from doing so) don't allow cigars, makes no sense and such owners should rethink their policy (you'll get a much more affluent clientele).

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