Political Correctness

Taking Away Our Freedoms & Property Rights

        Most of the Antismoking crusaders desire is to make society in their image.  Smoking is but the tip of the iceberg and it is an easy target.  Most of us don't like cigarettes and therefore we don't care too much about smoking bans.  But these bans take away our freedom.  Just because we don't use a particular freedom doesn't mean that we should allow it to be taken away.  It started with nonsmoking sections in airplanes, then a simple ban in public government buildings and hospitals which ostracized smokers to small isolated areas.  Then nonsmoking areas were extended to restaurants which were required to install new and often expensive ventilation systems.  Now virtually everything including stadiums, beaches, an other outdoor venues are included.  Large and small cities from Chicago to Oshkosh are have or are trying to institute total bans the likes of New York City or worse.  People are now even being banned from smoking in their own homes.
         These Antismoking crusaders even admit that they want to use Gestapo-like tactics to threaten bar/restaurant owners and others.  Antismokers use many of the same ads and tactics that were used by Nazi Germany, so the Gestapo comparison is replica watchesan appropriate one.  The Nazis were the first to use the term "passive smoking" and they required special licenses of anyone who wanted to sell tobacco products (which of course were taxed).  In the Waterloo region of Canada, they proposed a law that would allow roving bands of Antismokers to throw bar owners in jail if the owner refused to physically throw a smoker out.  They are even willing to put their children at risk by allowing them to join government funded youth gangs where they would go into bars to steal the ashtrays.
        Antismoking groups are now funded to the tune of billions of dollars since the tobacco lawsuits and along with that has come much corruption, including the buying of politicians. The only interesting aspect of the feeding frenzy for these and other monies is that antismoking groups are now suing each other for their 'fair share'.  Even the attorneys are not safe, as Richard Daynard (founder of The Tobacco Liability Project) has sued attorneys Motley and Scruggs, claiming that he is owed 5% of the $3,000,000,000 that they received.  The problem with greed is that it is always corrupting and never satisfied.  The tobacco lawsuits by the government, have became a new funding source for the states.  Basically, it was a new unlegislated tax on smokers, designed to enrich lawyers, antismoking group executives, and state budgets.
        The tobacco lawsuits have also put more funding into 'smoking research' which has only worsened the bias that was already present in the medical literature.  Since the vast majority of all of smoking research is funded by antismoking organizations, you can guess what results get published.  Most researchers will only publish findings that are favorable to their funding source and shelve the research that does not.  The ultimate in hypocrisy is that research which is funded by a tobacco company is considered suspect unless it has an antismoking conclusion, but research that is funded by an antismoking source is never questioned when it has an antismoking conclusion.

Our Rights are endowed from our Creator only to be taken away by our government.

The government does not give us any freedoms, that is done by our Creator as acknowledged by our founding documents.  In fact, every time the government gets involved in our lives, it takes away some of our freedom.  Wouldn't we be better off if Congress was only in session a few months of each year?  Limited government and laws are needed to prevent anarchy but there is a point (which we have already crossed over) where too many freedoms have been taken away and government becomes totalitarian.  Unfortunately, most people because they are too busy, don't realize the significance of what is happening, or it doesn't affect them, don't do anything until freedoms have been lost and it is too late. So please get involved before it is too late.

Note: Facts contained in this section of the Freedom-of-Choice.com website are from the book Dissecting Antismokers' Brains by Michael J. McFadden and is available through www.antibrains.com .

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