It is just a jab, supposed to protect from COVID-19. That was a promise of the majority of the medical profession. However, the dangers or risks of the vaccination are kept a closely guarded secret by the Pharma-Lobby. The filmmakers Mario Nieswand und Louis Hill have visited ordinary people in England an Germany, who appeared to suffer heavily from side effects of the Corona-Vaccine.

Their stories truely get under the skin amd show the other side of the coin, of a prematurely licensed Vaccination. Renowned Physicians, like University Proffessor David Martin MD, Peter Pommer MD and Alexander Konietzky MD analyse the symptoms of the side effects and the actions of politics, in view of a compulsory vaccination.

Are side effects being reported? Does the benefit of the Covid Vaccination outweigh the possible damage it can do? Is the vaccination the way out of the pandemic?

These and many other stirring questions are being pursued by the filmmakers in this documentary film.